1. When the participant is a public worker.
  2. When the participant is self-employed.
  3. When the participant has attended a similar course in the two years preceding the end-date of the seminar.
  4. When the participant is short-term unemployed (less than 6 months).
  5. When a long-term unemployed participated already in an HRDA approved seminar within the year.
  6. Pensioners.

VAT  is calculated on the initial amount of the training fee.


Initial Price: 333 euros 

HRDA subsidy: 238 euros


Net Amount payable: 158.27 euros  (Incl. VAT):

  • 333 - 238 = 95  euros ( amount payable directly to IPE)
  • 333 x 19% = 63.27 euros ( VAT amount)

IPE provides different levels of discounts based on the number of the employees who will attend the same seminar, on the same date, from the same company.


1st participant (0% discount)

Initial Price: 300 euros (333)

HRDA subsidy: 238 euros

Net Amount payable: 158, 27 euros (Incl. VAT)   


2nd  participant (15% discount)

Initial Price: 283,05 euros (333-15%)

HRDA subsidy: 202.30 euros (238-15%)

Net Amount payable: 134,53 euros (Incl. VAT) 


3nd  participant with max 10 people (20% discount)

Initial Price: 266.40 euros (333-20%)

HRDA subsidy: 190.40 euros (238-20%)

Net Amount payable: 126,62 euros (Incl. VAT)              


For participants under the status ''Employed ( Company) the following documents need to be submitted to HRDA.

  1. ΕΝΤΥΠΟ 6 (ΠΕ)
  2. ΕΝΤΥΠΟ Κ.Ε.2


Additionally, for Participants under the Status ''Unemployed '' the following document  needs to be submitted to HRDA on the link: http://www.anad.org.cy/easyconsole.cfm/page/project/p_id/473

  1. ΕΝΤΥΠΟ 1 (ΠΕ- Α)



Ffollow the link: http://www.hrdauth.org.cy/easyconsole.cfm/page/project/p_id/179/pc_id/17139 

Then go to  Section ''Έγγραφα και Έντυπα σχετικά με τη λειτουργία του Σχεδίου''.


Please contact the Accounts department for further assistance at 22398000.

Based on the  HRDA policy, the participant must complete 75% or more of the net training duration.

Less than 75% participation it means that the company will not be eligible to receive the HRDA subsidy.

In this instance, IPE will claim the payment of the subsidy amount from the company.

 A place of a participant is considered reserved for a seminar only if:

  • the participant has paid in advance  (prior to the seminar start date)  the course fee ;
  • the participant has submitted the HRDA documentation prior the course commenced date

The employees of a company can receive the HRDA subsidy if:

  • The company is registered.
  • The business has settled its Social Insurance contributions in full.
  • The business has settled its Industrial training contributions in full.


Based on the HRDA policy, an employee can attend the same course and/or a similar seminar/workshop,  only after two years have passed from the completion date of the attended seminar.

Based on  HRDA policies, a maximum of 10 employees from the same company may attend a public course at any one time.

Yes. All our Public courses as well as the eLearning courses can be cusomised based on your company's needs.

A long-term unemployed person is anyone who has been unemployed for more than 6 months. HRDA subsidies long-term unemployed with 6 euros per training hour. IPE does not charge any amount.

Th eparticipant needs to provide ti IPE the following documentation:

  1. Αίτηση Συμμετεχής και επιχορήγησης Ανέργου
  2. Παραπεμπτικό σπό ΔΥΑ.
  3. ES19:  Έντυπο Ανανέωσης Εγγραφής Ανέργου

Every 6 months. In April and in October.

IPE offers public as well as inhouse/bespoke subsidised courses and workshops.

You should always pay prior to the start date of the course/workshop.

You can get information directly via our website or by signing up to our mailing list. You can also follow us on social media.

Our experience team will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate course(s), based on your needs. Please contact us at 22398000 or via email at training@infocreditgroup.com.

Our experience team will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate programme path, based on your professional experience and academic background. Please contact us at 22398000 or via email at training@infocreditgroup.com.

Yes. Please contact us for further information.

You can pay online via the website upon registration. Other methods are also available. Please contact the accounts department at 22398000 or via email at accounts@infocreditgroup.com.

IPE refunding policy:

  1. A participant is entitled to a full refund* or a credit note*,  only if IPE is being informed about the cancellation at least 5 working days to the start date of the seminar or if IPE cancels the seminar for any reason at any given time.
  2. From 3-5 days - IPE will reserve 30 % of the payable amount
  3. Less than 3 days: IPE will reserve 50%. of the payable amount


  • Cancellations will be accepted only in writing via email at info@ipe.com.cy or by telephone at 22398000.
  • *Upon the discretion of IPE, you may register for a future seminar within a period of 6 months.




All our trainers are certified trainers by HRDA and specialised in their industry field with proven work and training experience.