Based on HRDA policy, the participant must complete 75% or more of the net training duration.

Less than 75% participation means that the company will not be eligible to receive the HRDA subsidy.

In this instance, IPE will claim the payment of the subsidy amount from the company.

Yes. All our Public courses as well as the eLearning courses can be cusomised based on your company's needs.

Every 6 months. In April and in October.

IPE offers public as well as inhouse/bespoke subsidised courses and workshops.

You can get information directly via our website or by signing up to our mailing list. You can also follow us on social media.

Our experience team will guide you in the selection of the most appropriate programme path, based on your professional experience and academic background. Please contact us at 22398000 or via email at training@infocreditgroup.com.

All IPE seminars provide Certificate of Attendance in electronic form.

The ''Certificate of attendance'' will be issued only upon fully completion of participants' obligations towards Infocredit Group , thus means full payment of the seminar/workshop and proper submition of HRDA documentation.