Training Needs Analysis

Our professional consulting team focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities and is dedicated to providing holistic perspectives with deep functional solutions across all industries and geographies. Engage our professionals to work with you in a consulting or in-house training capacity. We would be happy to discuss any of the following with you:

  • Credit Risk - In today’s tough economic climate the management and measurement of credit risk represents the cornerstone of business sustainability. This consulting service enables participants to appreciate the entire credit control function and explore its strategic aspects, ranging from a company’s choice in credit policy to the type of transaction involved. 
  • AML Compliance - The need for effective risk management of financial transactions with clients and associates is becoming increasingly imperative, especially for lawyers and accountants, given the multiple challenges faced by businesses today.
  • Corporate Governance - We offer a one-hour professional development session for your Board of Directors as part of a board meeting agenda or a half-day in-house development programme at your office which may be customised for your business. Both Directors and employees can benefit from the programme.
  • Management & Leadership - Strengthen your current management skills and explore topics critical to developing effective management skills such as motivation, team development, performance management, interpersonal and communication skills, time management skills, supervisory skills and project management.
  • Customer Service - One of the most difficult challenges in today's business environment is for an organisation to remain competitive, taking into account the new technological advancements and requirements. Our aim is to teach professionals new customer service techniques based on a customer-centric philosophy where excellent customer service is a lever to maintaining satisfied customers.
  • Sales Skills - The sales profession is one of the most demanding, exciting and constantly shifting professions. It involves the use of communication, negotiation and persuasion skills and is perhaps the most crucial part of every business.

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