Maintaining GDPR compliance during the pandemic

Apr 28, 2020

Maintaining GDPR compliance during the pandemic

Over half of the world is currently under lockdown, and one of the greatest challenges many organisations face is how to keep operating as close to normal as possible during this time. Unfortunately, during these times, compliance can often take a back seat, but GDPR hasn't gone away.

In our 20-minute on-demand webinar, our Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson takes us through the key things you need to remember to keep data safe during the current coronavirus crisis. He also gives guidance on how to ensure you prevent GDPR breaches while working remotely.

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The webinar can be distributed to your staff, added to your Learning Management System or added to your existing GDPR training


Training — COVID-19: Working From Home

COVID-19: Working From Home is a new e-learning course taking users through key information about working from home during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It contains vital information regarding setting up a home office, keeping data safe, having regard to cyber security and protecting users’ mental health and wellbeing. The course includes up to date information from major news sources and the World Health Organization on the current pandemic.

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