Interview of Theodoros Kringou, Managing Director of Infocredit Group


What triggered the formation of the Infocredit Group – VinciWorks partnership?

As a leading provider of risk management solutions since 1972, Infocredit Group has expanded into the field of online compliance training through its partnership with front-runner in e-learning and risk management software, VinciWorks. VinciWorks provides a full end-to-end solution for compliance training. In collaboration with 26 of the UK’s leading law firms, VinciWorks has built a comprehensive learning management system, used on a daily basis by thousands of companies in different sectors, and today has 200,000 users across 70 countries.

Infocredit Group and VinciWorks have joined forces to offer a diverse collection of high-quality, specialised compliance and regulatory training e-courses designed to meet the specific needs of our clients using proven technology and sophisticated design.

What kind of courses are offered through this partnership?

All our e-courses are delivered via our fast-growing training division, Infocredit Professional Education, which was established with the purpose of delivering first class professional education and cost-effective training to businesses and individuals to meet their strategic goals.

With a library of over 50 courses (including Anti-Money Laundering, Data Protection & GDPR, Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Equality & Diversity, Cyber Security and more), businesses can certify that all their staff is trained effectively, wherever they are in the world. 

Our e-courses include local and international legislations, industry best practices, comprehension tests using real life scenarios and follow-up training sessions to boost the training experience. Users can benefit from the courses in that they are available 24/7 and across all platforms (PC, tablet or mobile telephone), they can be paused and resumed as needed and they offer an interactive experience to the participant. Finally, they are constantly revised to be consistent with regulatory changes.

Our unique training modules are applicable to most sectors, including legal, financial, accounting, shipping, construction and real estate. More importantly though, all our courses can be customised to suit any sized firm and adapted to its distinct requirements and policies. 

What is the Compliance Learning Management System (CLMS)?

The Compliance Learning Management System (CLMS) is a one-stop system for managing compliance, online courses, classroom training and policies at your firm and across multiple jurisdictions. It is an additional administrative tool offered through this partnership, with the purpose of organising and managing all your compliance learning material and training modules, enabling organisations to train their employees on any topic by uploading custom videos and courses.

What are the advantages of using the CLMS?

The CLMS helps companies keep their administrative costs to a minimum, while complying with all relevant regulations. It is a fully automated platform which can be customised to include your own content and branding. Additionally, it allows for HR system integration whereby new joiners and leavers are automatically enrolled or deactivated. With easy set up and operation, administrators can receive one-on-one training and entire firms are up and running in less than a month. Also, the Nagware function automatically nags individuals with escalating warnings until they complete their mandatory training requirements. Lastly the CLMS facilitates the process of compliance in that it provides an audit trail by issuing instant robust reports on training progress to the board, or provides compliance documentation to a regulatory body. 

What does Infocredit Group hope to achieve through its partnership with VinciWorks?

With this partnership we hope to deliver practical solutions through the promotion of an atmosphere of learning, to help businesses achieve their goals. In addition, we are confident that companies in Cyprus will recognise and maintain their regulatory obligations and appreciate that there are in fact several efficient tools available on the market such as the CLMS and our risk management courses, which can make their jobs much easier.