Risk Management System


The VinciWorks Risk Management System (RMS) enables global organisations to establish a consistent risk language, risk categorisation and risk appetite throughout the enterprise. The RMS empowers users to identify risk events and provide greater assurance regarding the achievement of strategic and operational objectives. 


Benefits of RMS

  • Increase the focus on risk at senior levels resulting in higher engagement and discussion at all levels.
  • Create a more risk focused culture.
  • Track trends and changes to reveal the most important risks, highlight emerging risks and enable more effective risk mitigation.
  • Provide a framework to evaluate risks as opportunities, improve competitive positions,optimise operations and exploit market conditions. 
  • Allocate resources more efficiently by shifting the right resources, to mitigate the right risks, in the right areas, at the right time.
  • Coordinate regulatory and compliance matters effectively, by identifying and monitoring controls and mitigation efforts.
  • Reduce the effort and cost involved in risk and compliance audits and reviews.





Embed a risk culture

Engage staff outside the core leadership in the risk conversation

Automated workflows

Nagware, email templates and instant reports save significant administrative time


Tailor the system to your risk process and culture and add personalised custom fields

Easy setup

Setup usually takes less than a month and we provide helpful one-on-one training

Audit trail

Every login and change is recorded; users can leave secure comments to explain their actions

Safe and secure

256-bit SSL encryption and hourly backups keeps your data safe

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