Advanced Group Accounting Workshop


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Course Description:

Group Accounting is very demanding area, poses unique challenges especially for those involved in the preparation of consolidated financial statements. Due to the dynamic evolvement of the global economic environment with regular revisions, amendments and replacement of existing standards and principles there is a necessity for adaptation to these changes and continuous development of conceptual and practical understanding. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the accounting requirements for preparation of consolidated financial statements including complex group structures and foreign subsidiaries.
  • Apply the acquisition method of accounting , including the following: Identify the acquirer; Recognize and measure the identifiable assets acquired, liabilities assumed, and any non-controlling interest in the acquiree.
  • Recognize and measure goodwill or a gain from a bargain purchase resulting from a business combination.
  • Determine the amount of consideration transferred, including contingent consideration.
  • Accounting requirements for inter-related transaction.
  • Equity method of accounting for associates and joint ventures.
  • Accounting requirements for step acquisitions and disposals


The course is addressed to:

This training course is essential for professionals from all industry groups who are engaged either in the preparation of financial reports based on IFRS or audit, as well as, users of company accounts wishing to gain full insight into the treatment of this important class of asset.

Examples of some of the roles that will benefit from this course are:
• Chief Financial Officers/ Finance Directors
• Finance executives
• Corporate finance function
• Accountants / Financial Controllers
• Treasurer
• Auditors (Internal/External)
• Risk managers
• Investment Bankers
• Corporate Bankers
• Investment Managers


This course can be offered in-house, customized to your business needs.


*Infocredit Professional Education division (IPE)  holds the right to postpone or cancell any seminar within a logical time frame near to the start date of the seminar, in the case whereas no adequate number of participants is registered i .e. less than 6 persons and/or in the case that out of the list of registered people are not included at least 4 employed people  ( as per ΑνΑΔ guidelines). You can access  ΑνΑΔ guidelines by clicking the link: 


The acquisition method

- Identifying a business combination

- Identifying the acquirer

- Determining the acquisition date 

- Identification and measurement of the identifiable assets acquired and liabilities assumed 

- Recognising and measuring any non-controlling interest (NCI)

- Determining consideration transferred

Recognising and measuring goodwill or a gain from a bargain purchase

Objectives and sco[e of IFRS 3
| 160'

IFRS 3: Business Combinations:

- Business combination achieved in stages

- Subsequent measurement and accounting

- Practical examples & illustrations

IFRS 10: Consolidated Financial Statements:

  • Objectives and scope of IFRS 10
  • The requirement to prepare consolidated financial statements
  • Exemptions
  • Assessing control
  • How are power and returns linked?

 - Consolidation process

 - Disposals

 - Changes in ownership interest

 - Practical examples & illustrations

Objectives and scope of IAS 27

Basic rule regarding the preparation of separate financial statements

Objectives and scope of IAS 28

Factors evidencing significant influence

Accounting procedures apply to the equity method

Impairment losses Practical examples & illustrations

IAS 28: Investments in Assosiates and Johnt Ventures

Objectives and scope of IFRS 11

Definition of joint arrangement

Definition of joint control

Preparation of financial statements when there is a joint operation

Preparation of financial statements when there is a joint venture Practical examples & illustrations

• Cost of acquisition 
o Share exchange
o Deferred consideration
o Contingent consideration
• Calculation of goodwill and non-controlling interest
o Proportionate method
o Full goodwill method
• Fair value adjustments
o Tangible Non-Current Assets
o Intangible Assets
• Intra - group transactions/eliminations
o Cash in transit
o Goods in transit
o Profit made from intra - group transactions
o Loans
o Receivables/payables
• Dividends

Preparing Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 


Class hours

08:30 - 16:30


HRDA Approved

Training certificate

Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)



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Course Locations


  • Strovolos Cultural Centre, Archiepiskopou Kyprianou 34, Strovolos, 2059, Nicosia, Cyprus

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