Strategy and Innovation in SMEs


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Course Description:

The aftermath of economic recession and continuous expansion of colosseum companies in major industries, found the micro and small-medium sized enterprises trapped in small revenues while heavily struggling over their economic stability, maintenance and growth. 

Managers of SMEs must embark on the journey to transform their firms into entrepreneurial growth stars. It is all about mapping on the three growth horizons: boosting the competitiveness of their core business activities, exploring new business models & innovation practices, and pursuing new venture ideas by building strategic alliances in the market.


The course will cover the following topics:

• Meaning and types of Innovation

• Open alternative financing routes for Innovation

• Tranforming Eco-Innovation and Green Entrepreneurship to competitive advantage

• Tools for applying innovation according to business characteristics

• Embark on new phases of growth: to boost their competitiveness by extending and defending core activities; to build and strengthen emerging business; and to create viable future options for their next stage of development as an emerging small giant–group of business ventures

• Pursue profitably innovation based growth strategies 

• 5 key cost-cutting techniques through practical tools on innovation and financial planning


The course is addressed to:
• Entrepreneurs, Executives of microp and small-medium-sized enterprises
• Economists and Business Consultants engaged in Strategy,Innovation and Business Development issues.
• Second or third generation owners of micro and small-medium businesses


This course can be offered in-house, customized to your business needs.



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• Concept and forms of Innovation
• Assessing the economic benefit of the idea
• E-commerce and e-business

Innovation and Entreprenuership

The importance of Corporate Culture

Creativity and Effiency 

Techniques to enhance innovation and creativity

Group Collaboration and Innovation

Innovation in Products and Services


Class hours

08:30 - 17:00


HRDA Approved

Training certificate

Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)



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Course Locations


  • Strovolos Cultural Centre, Archiepiskopou Kyprianou 34, Strovolos, 2059, Nicosia, Cyprus

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