Short interactive AML knowledge checks for all industries


Compliance with anti-money laundering regulations is an ongoing process. While most organisations enrol their staff in an on-boarding training course, it should not be a one-off event. Further, staff shouldn't be asked to take the same course more than once. Current best practice demands that AML risk awareness is maintained by refreshing staff knowledge at least once every 12 to 18 months with shorter training.

VinciWorks' new approach to AML refresher training includes a series of five minute knowledge checks consisting of ten questions that refresh user knowledge. Feedback is given after each question is answered, allowing users to improve their knowledge while completing the assessment, with a score given at the end. These fully customisable and industry-specific knowledge checks help maintain and update AML risk awareness; reveal staff's current level of AML knowledge and help determine whether further in-depth training is required.

AML knowledge checks

If you already license our AML training, these new courses are available upon request. To purchase a course licence, email [email protected]


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VinciWorks' six new knowledge checks cover the highest risk industries. We have also included a version for all other industries.


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AML training suite — Relevant training for all staff

VinciWorks strives to make its AML training more than simply a tick-box exercise. Our courses are packed with realistic scenarios, real-life case studies and every customisation option you can think of. We have everything from in-depth induction training to refresher courses and five minute knowledge checks. Whichever industry, jurisdiction or job role you work in, a course can instantly be built just for your staff.