Policy Tracker System


The Policy Tracker is a great way to deploy policy information to any group of people at your firm and guarantee that they read, understand and acknowledge corporate policies. It sends policies to relevant staff and keeps track of who opened the policies, how long they spent reading them and who actively acknowledged them.

The system allows you to create and deploy unlimited policies for one fixed price, without any IT support, and also enables you to customise every aspect of the distribution process, all from a simple dashboard.

For existing clients, the system is fully integrated with the Learning Management System. You can send a policy to any group of staff from your existing list of users. Setup for new clients typically takes less than a week. During that time, you receive comprehensive training and assistance in uploading user data using our simple bulk upload spreadsheet.

You can leverage the automation power built in to the Learning Management System (LMS) to automate most of the policy tracking process. Smart groups enable you to automatically deploy policies by set criteria. For example, new joiners could receive all relevant policies on their first day of work. Follow-up is automated by Nagware, which sends escalating emails to all staff that fail to confirm acceptance of the policy or notification.

With the LMS reporting function you can create pretty much any report you can imagine. Common reports include generating a list of all users who have not acknowledged the policy and a list of users who have acknowledged it. All reports can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF.

You should check out Policy Tracker with questions. It is VinciWorks' advanced policy solution that includes the ability to create multiple choice questions to verify understanding. This policy tracker is developed bespoke, and it is not available as an unlimited license.


Guarantee that your staff read and agree to comply with your policies

  • Unlimited policies
  • Less than 3 minutes to deploy
  • One fixed price
  • No IT support required







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