Whether you need to record breaches for a compliance register, monitor whistleblowing or manage customer complaints, Omnitrack has the versatility and power to track and collect risk intelligence across the organisation.

Omnitrack encourages all employees to engage in the risk management process. It allows anyone to identify a risk, with high priority issues escalated to the risk management team. Many organisations use email or spreadsheets to track information. These approaches lack structure and security. Collecting information over email invariably leads to inconsistent responses, missing information and lack of structure. Spreadsheets are limited by their two-dimensional nature, lack of automation tools and lack of security.

Only a powerful structured data collection system can provide businesses with the intelligence needed to optimise performance and survive in competitive markets.

With Omnitrack you can:

  • Build forms
  • Automate workflows
  • Collect data
  • Manage approvals
  • Analyse data
  • Track next steps
  • Instant Reports
  • Secure data







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