Managing the dangers of social media use at work

Oct 19, 2020 VinciWorks

Managing the dangers of social media use at work

Social media blurs the boundaries between personal and professional personas. From sharing our political views to announcing our professional achievements, the way we present ourselves online today is how we and the organisations we are associated with are perceived by the outside world. 

Social Media: Communicating at Work is the latest addition to our cyber security training suite. It takes a practical and comprehensive approach to the dangers and pitfalls of social media use at work. Through immersive scenarios, real-life case studies and interactive exercises, educate your staff on how they can keep themselves and your business safe when using social media. 

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The cyber awareness suite

This training is part of a wide-ranging cyber security suite that includes hours of training, hundreds of micro-learning modules and topics from social media to IT security. These courses and micro-learning units can easily be configured into a multi-year training plan.


Journey to Safety: 

A brand new style of training that aims to provide the ultimate in relevant learning for the user. 

Social Media: 

Users will gain a thorough understanding of how to stay safe when using social media through interactive exercises. 


Guidance on what to do in the event of a ransomware attack, with visual examples of how they happen.


Several short courses testing staff's ability to identify red flags in suspicious emails through interactive simulations. 

Knowledge Checks: 

Test users' knowledge of secure password best practice, protocol following cyber attacks and more.

Practical Applications: 

App-based refresher training presenting the core cyber security threats and how to protect against them. 


Social media course learning outcomes

  • The real world impact of social media failings
  • Social media and the law, including real life case studies
  • How to protect yourselves online
  • How to maximise privacy settings on social media
  • How to make the most of social media in your professional capacity
  • How to protect your mental health when using social media
  • How to follow your organisation's social media policies

Social media course features

  • Interactive exercises
  • Upload your own social media policy
  • Inform staff what they can and cannot post from their personal accounts
  • Customise any part of the training
  • Use this training as a base course, or easily customise into refresher training

Demo the course


Course customisations

Social Media: Communicating at Work is 100% customisable. Here are some of the customisations organisations may choose to apply to the course:

  • Include your business' social media policies and procedures
  • Introductory message — Why is it important for your staff to be careful on social media?
  • Add details of a social media or cyber security contact person
  • Translate the course into any language
  • Edit text within a module or build your own custom module

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