Internet Investigative Skills & Cyber Risk- (Free Live Webinar)


This webinar is in English.

Webinar Description:

Globally, criminals, terrorist financiers, tax evaders, human traffickers and sanctions busters all attempt to disguise their identity. In the digital world it is important to harness investigative skills when navigating the swathes of information that exist in when conducting online searches for the purposes of Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

When profiling clients for Customer Due Diligence purposes most Internet users default to conducting searches of Google. Whilst an excellent resource Google is estimated to have indexed 60 trillion web pages, but that only represents about 5% of the amount of information that is actually available on the Internet.

Most Web users don’t bother looking beyond Page 1 of their search returns and just go on to enter another search query. Teaching users to search in a more focused fashion saves organisations time and money. It is also vital to be in possession of good quality data when conducting your online Enhanced Due Diligence enquiries. This course will show you how to discern the difference between information and intelligence.

The Internet is a huge repository of data that can be an extremely valuable tool for analysts, researchers and investigators. Whether you are handling AML due diligence, compliance, fraud control or even cyber security itself, good online investigation skills and techniques now form an essential part of your job. Online investigation has changed dramatically over the last years or so. The main reason for this is the growth of resources available online from a computer, tablet or smartphone. An experienced professional can complete in-depth, online research in mere minutes if he or she knows the best places to look for accurate and up to date information.

Due dilligence is generally associated with companies who operate in the financial services to ensure that risks are identified promptly and important Anti-Money laundering (AML) regualtions are complied with. However, it can equally apply to a businees acquisition or potential invetment. Delegates will benefit by developing an enhanced understanding of policies and procedures that should be in place to meet the challenges of the conflicts between privacy laws and conducting effective online CDD. Whilst at the same time leveraging the internet, social media and similar media to identify subjects.


Webinar objectives:
A focus on understanding the technology behind the Internet and providing the knowledge that will help you improve your searches. We will demonstrate what the surface, deep and dark web are and how they are relevant to conducting EDD.

The Webinar is addressed to:

Compliance officers, Money Laundering Reporting Officers, professionals engaged in risk management, risk analysts, internal audit, fraud departments, investigators in the private sector and government, finance, retail, government, legal, insolvency sectors.


This Webinar will run on a high level the below areas:

  • Understanding the Internet
  • Planning for a successful EDD investigation
  • Credibility and validation,
  • Online security
  • Advanced searching,Social media


Class hours

16:00-17:00 (EEST)

Training certificate

Infocredit Professional Education (IPE)

Method of instruction




Educational material




Course Instructors

Colin Tansley MSc, M.A.B.I, TAP.Cert

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