Instantly customise your cyber security training

Sep 22, 2020 VinciWorks

Cyber Security: Journey to Safety is the latest edition to our comprehensive cyber awareness training suite. The training takes course building and personalisation to the next level. 

Using our new builder, you can dynamically configure the training to cover topics relevant to your organisation. The builder can be used multiple times to create different courses for different job roles, or micro-courses for a cyber awareness drip campaign. All of this configuration happens instantaneously, with live previews of the results. 


Build your custom cyber training


If you already license our existing cyber security courses, this new training is available at no extra charge. To use it, build your custom course using the link above.

If you do not license our cyber security training, you can still use the builder to design your optimal course and then submit it to us for pricing.


How does the course builder work? 


The cyber awareness suite

This training is part of a wide ranging cyber security suite that includes hours of training, hundreds of micro-learning modules and topics from social media to IT security. These courses and micro-learning units can easily be configured into a multi-year training plan.

Journey to SafetyA brand new style of training that aims to provide the ultimate in relevant learning for the user.

Social Media : Users will gain a thorough understanding of how to stay safe when using social media through interactive exercises.

RansomwareGuidance on what to do in the event of a ransomware attack, with visual examples of how they happen.

Phishing : Several short courses testing staff's ability to identify red flags in suspicious emails through interactive simulations.

Knowledge ChecksTest users' knowledge of secure password best practice, protocol following cyber attacks and more.

Practical ApplicationsApp-based refresher training presenting the core cyber security threats and how to protect against them.