Impactful story-based diversity training


Impactful story-based diversity training

Recent events have once again highlighted racism and grave injustices towards people of colour, accentuating the need for both continued and renewed introspection and action to fight against racism. Our course, Diversity and Inclusion at Work: MyStory, sheds light on instances of discrimination, racism and bias all too frequently experienced by people in the workplace.

The course includes three main sections: Experience, Explore and Share, as well as a Seek Help function that provides the guidance and resources for all staff who wish to report inappropriate behaviour. The course covers the aspects of the UK Equality Act 2010 related to workplace diversity and can include custom content such as internal policies and stories that resonate with your staff.

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MyStory — the message

The act of speaking up challenges the kinds of behaviours that turn workplaces into arenas of abuse. The idea of training through impactful stories was initially inspired by the #MeToo movement in our anti-harassment course. Sharing a story, talking about a personal experience and confronting the abusers and the workplace dynamics that protect them is how we can start to change workplace culture for the better. You can share your own story while taking our diversity course.

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What is your staff's attitude towards diversity in the workplace?

VinciWorks has built a centralised portal for analysing staff perception of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our customisable diversity at work questionnaire can easily be deployed to all staff. Charts can be created in seconds to help managers easily understand the organisation's strengths in the area, as well as where improvements need to be made.

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Diversity and anti-harassment training suite

VinciWorks' diversity and harassment courses do more than simply cover a business' regulatory obligations. Our training tackles issues at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our training suite includes both interactive story-based training and linear e-learning courses.
All of our harassment, diversity and equality courses can be modified with any text changes and can include custom content and links to internal policies.

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