ID/Passport Authentication (Έλεγχος Παραστατικών Ταυτότητας για Αναγνώριση Πλαστών Εγγράφων)


This course is in English.

Course description:

This practical workshop teaches your employees the knowledge and skills needed to verify ID documents effectively, including high-quality digital scans and copies.With this course we aim to offer valuable information on ID documents, document verification, design and development, testing, security features, printing techniques and fraud prevention. 


Course Objectives:

• Learn how to recognise forged, counterfeit & fantasy documents (including scans & copies)
• Detect and deter sophisticated ID fraud
• Recognise and inspect security features
• Recognise impostors instantly
• Enhance your customer on-boarding procedures  

The course is addressed to:

• Forex companies
• Lawyers & Fiduciary companies, AML Officers
• Banks/Financial institutions
• Accounting & Audit firms
• Other companies where the staff is responsible for checking passports/other travel documents, ID cards, visas and residence permits


This course covers 6 modules.


Instructor Style:

The course is delivered by someone with hands on experience. Highly practical, relevant and important and safely this course is for you.The instructor blends theory with highly practical case studies and examples derived from her long experience.


CPD accreditation:

The course may be approved for up to 3 CPD units verified directly by the participant's association, regulator or other bodies which holds membership.


*Group rates available.   **Early Bird discount may apply. 


This course can be offered inhouse, customised to your business needs.


*Infocredit Professional Education division (IPE)  holds the right to postpone or cancell any seminar within a logical time frame near to the start date of the seminar, in the case whereas no adequate number of participants is registered i .e. less than 6 persons and/or in the case that out of the list of registered people are not included at least 4 employed people  ( as per HRDA guidelines). You can access  HRDA guidelines by clicking the link: 


Latest trends and information on forged, counterfeit ID documents

ID/Passport Authentication

Security paper, synthetics and security paper additions


Offset, intaglio, silkscreen, letterpress and rainbow print

Printing Techniques

Ultra-violet, infra-red, optically variable and iridescent

Security Inks

• Tactical and technical profiling
• Impostor test

Profiling / Impostors

Introduction on how to use a reference database

Reference Database


Course dates

May 18 - May 18, 2021

Class hours



Not subsidised by HRDA

Training certificate

Infocredit Professional Education (IPE)



Method of instruction




Educational material






Course Instructors

Maickel van Oijen

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