How Mediation Works


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“The skillful management of conflict is among the highest human skills” (‘Justice is Conflict’ by Stuart Hampshire)

Mediation has the power to transform the way people solve their disputes and is a better and effective way to resolve conflict. One could even argue that mediation can “transcend” the roots of conflict in a creative and promising way.

In the process of mediation, the mediator is faced with a number of challenges, many times rooted in the difference of perceptions and interests between the parties. In helping the parties come to a consensus, the mediator explores underlying interests, allow parties to understand and go beyond their emotions, to explore options and come to a settlement.

A successful mediator, must therefore, not only have the necessary techniques and strategies to conduct the mediation,  but must also have the ability to develop rapport, be creative with solutions and the capacity to be patient in the face of challenge.


‘Peace is not the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it’ – Mohatma Gandhi

Course aims:

  • To advance the practice of core mediation skills
  • To enhance your communication skills and abilities in the role of the mediator
  • To gain insights into the different techniques practiced in mediation
  • To guide how to apply skills, tools and strategies in practice
  • To improve your ability to take account of the parties’ positions while identifying their interests
  • Το improve skills when facilitate negotiations between disputing parties
  • To provide you with hands on experience as a mediator in a simulation
  • To guide you how one can address legal and ethical issues in mediations
  • To become aware of one’s own perceptions and cognitive biases when mediating conflict.


The course is addressed to:
Lawyers, Architects – Civil Engineers, Business Executives, in-house Mediators or Freelance Facilitators, as well as all professionals who aim to develop their mediation skills and improve their ability to resolve disputes with an international character


Upon completion of this training participants will be able to:

  • Define mediation as a concept and as a process
  • Understand what happens during mediation – step by step
  • Acknowledge the benefits of using mediation for the parties in resolving their disputes
  • Acknowledge the challenges a Mediator may face during a mediation
  • Identify the strategies and techniques a Mediator can use to tackle such challenges and successfully mediate the dispute


This course can offered in-house, customised on your business needs. 


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  • From Standpoints to Interests
  • From Interests to Options
  • From Options to Solutions
  • Private Sessions / Caucus
  • Non-Verbal Communication in Mediation
  • Quastions in Mediation
  • Integration

The Mediation Agreement

The participants will be divided into two groups and be given two versions and assigned roles od a mediation case study. Then they will be expected to use the script to prepare for a negotiation.  Then they will be called to directly negotiate with each other and feedback will be given at the end of the exercise. 




Class hours

09:00 - 17;00


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Infocredit Professional Education (IPE)



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Course Instructors

Karaolia Melina

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  • Semeli Hotel, Petraki Giallourou 10, 1077, Nicosia, Cyprus

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