Essential Governance for Directors


This course is in English.

Course Description:

High quality governance is essential for all types of business organisation, whether in the For Profit, Not for Profit or Public Sectors. Just as poor governance practices contribute to the failure of SMEs, so poor governance has been the cause of reputational and other damage suffered by larger organisations and their stakeholders. Hard and anecdotal evidence testifies to the need for directors to be developed. Directors sit at the apex of the decision-making process in their organisation; with ultimate accountability to shareholders and/or stakeholders for their organisation’s assets, (including employees), the culture and values of their organisation, oversight of delivery of the organisation’s purpose and business, relations with supply chain partners and the organisation’s reputation. Direction of a company or other type of organisation is a skill and just trying to “learn on the job” is insufficient in the modern age. Serving and would-be directors need to learn about and be developed across a range of relevant topics to equip them to be more effective in their role so to enable change and offer their business a competitive advantage, viability and profitability.


Course Objectives:

  • To identify & recommend the steps of good governance
  • Acquire the skills and tactics required to execute their job and be able to put them in practice
  • To enhance their knowledge in exercising their duties
  • To improve their analytical thinking regarding to the impact of Corporate Governance in everyday business matters
  • To recognise, anticipate and respond to the stakeholders challenging needs
  • To understand and practice their binding legal duties and liabilities under Cyprus /EU company’s legislation
  • To protect their role on the company and the company’s viability
  • Knows how to structure a decision-making process (problem solving)
  • To acquire techniques and develop skill resulting to good succession planning and recruitment
  • To become updated about new regulations on corporate governance


The course is addressed to:

  • Director/Executives for Profit, Not for Profit or Public Sectors;  
  • Professional consultants on corporate governance, 
  • Corporate secretaries;  Compliance officers


This course is consistent out of 7 topics.


Instructor Style:

The course is delivered by someone with hands on experience. Highly practical, relevant and important and safely this course is for you.The instructor blends theory with highly practical case studies and examples derived from his long experience.


CPD accreditation:

The course may be approved for up to 6.5 CPD units verified directly by the participant's association, regulator or other bodies which holds membership.


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  • What do we mean by governance?
  • What does it mean for executive & non-executive directors?
  • Main points from ‘Boardroom Behaviours’ and ‘Board Effectiveness Guidance’ reports
  • Good (and bad) governance – can it deliver value/prevent loss and how?
  •  Benefits of perceptive governance

  • General legal duties of directors under Cyprus companies legislation
  • Health and safety
  • Liability of directors
  • Directors & Officers liability insurance
  • Staying out of trouble
  • Q&A Session
  • Boards as decision-making entities
  • What facilitates good decision-making
  • Limitations on effective decision-making
  • Some questions for boards to consider
  • Judgment and how it can be distorted
  • Safeguards against impaired judgment
  • The chairman’s role
    • Why should boards be evaluated?
    • Some history
    • Use of external reviewers
    • Preparation for an evaluation
    • Questionnaires versus interviews
    • Benefits of evaluation
    • Principal findings from evaluations
    •  Reporting to shareholders/public disclosures

    Group work reviewing case studies with groups actively participating in resolving key issues and reporting back

  • Board succession
  • Executive management succession
  • The selection process
  • Why does all this matter?
  • What is a conflict of interest?
  • Why it is important to identify conflicts
  • How to identify and handle a conflict
  •  Consequences of not identifying/managing conflicts
  • Summary

    Course dates

    Dec 02 - Dec 03, 2020

    Class hours

    DAY1: 09:00 - 12:15, DAY2: 09:00-12:15 (EEST)


    HRDA Approved

    Training certificate

    Infocredit Professional Education (IPE)



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    Course Instructors

    FCG,Solicitor Chartered Governance Consultant

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    Kostas Katsaros
    Managing & Founding partner in A. & E. C. Emilianides, C. Katsaros & Associates Ltd

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