Effective Leadership & Management


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Course Description:

Effective Management and Leadership course has purpose to strengthen your current management skills with a powerful, more distinguished dimension.  Explore topics critical to developing effective management skills such as motivation, team development, performance management, interpersonal and communication abilities, time management skills, supervisory skills trainings and manage people effectively.

This seminar is designed to enhance and build on your current leadership competencies.

Maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn management theories and leadership best practices to help you master complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Master the fundamentals of leadership

  • Implement practical and self-improvement

  • Understand how leadership styles affect team members and how to adjust those styles to gain commitment

  • Build trust and reduce resistance to change

  • Impact team and productivity effectiveness through sharpening your interpersonal and communication skills

  • Understand the value of prioritizing and delegation, so they are more efficient in their tasks

  • Examine the principles of management, effective planning and self-organization

  • Give delegates greater self-awareness to enable them to improve their relationship with both those who manage them, and with their subordinates


This course is addressed to:

Directors, Executives, Managers, Seniors, Supervisors

Our Seminar are enriched with a diverse mix of participants, providing unmatched opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn.


This course can be offered in-house, customized to your business needs.



*Infocredit Professional Education division (IPE)  holds the right to postpone or cancell any seminar within a logical time frame near to the start date of the seminar, in the case whereas no adequate number of participants is registered i .e. less than 6 persons and/or in the case that out of the list of registered people are not included at least 4 employed people  ( as per ΑνΑΔ guidelines). You can access  ΑνΑΔ guidelines by clicking the link: https://bit.ly/2VSWgWU 


What is Management and Leadership

The importance of Management and Leadership at Workplace

Management Goals

The difference between leader and manager

Model of Leadership (Covey)

Theory of Y and X

Model of Leadership and decision making (Jago & Yetton)

Model of business goals (Robert House and John Antonakis)

5 levels of Leadership (Maxwell)

1. Position

2. Consent

3. Production

4. Evolution of people

5. Top 

Leaders knows everything

Management is Leadership? 

Leader without tittle (Robin Sharma)

Problematic visions

Inability to communicate vision with the rest of the organization

Lack of active listening

Managing people

Toxic leaders

Lack of promiscuity

Charismatic Leader Features

• Emotional Intelligence
• Intelligence
• Taking Risks
• Politeness
• Stamina
• Innovation
• Perseverance
• Honesty
• Excitement
• Initiative

Personality Test
• 5 factor model

• PEQ4 

• 16 Personality Factors

Definition of Emotional Intelligence

Importance of emotional intelligence in Leadership and Management

Strategies for the Development of Emotional Intelligence

Model Kurt Lewin

Curve of Change

Model Kotter

Circle of our concerns

Why are there goals?

Targeting (SMART model)

Targets should be:
• Specific
• Measurabl
• Attainable
• Relativ
• Time boun

3 elements for success (trust, respect, freedom of opinion)

The coaching process:

Coaching skills
- Programming
- Monitoring and evaluation
- Questions
- Active hearing
- Feedback

Respect for diversity

Types of organizational culture

Ecumenism Vs Special Cases

Individualism vs Communism

Successive Vs Moderate culture

Importance of effective communication

- Search for new discoveries
- Heat Storm
- Participatory Administration

Summary, Closing and Evaluation of Seminar




Course dates

Jun 01 - Jun 02, 2020

Class hours

09:00 - 17:00


HRDA Approved

Training certificate

Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)



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Course Instructors

Anna Xinisteri
General Manager KESEA

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Course Locations


  • Semeli Hotel, Petraki Giallourou 10, 1077, Nicosia, Cyprus

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