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HMRC release DAC6 reporting updates

On 2 November 2020, HMRC released an updated version of their XSD schema and user guide. They also released a brief note addressing some of the specific queries raised in feedback on the previous draft of the XSD schema.

Key points


The challenges around LPP in the UK

Legal professional privilege (LPP) is an extremely complicated topic that requires subject matter expertise. When you add DAC6 regulations to the mix, things get even more challenging. VinciWorks has been working closely with over 40 firms to implement a DAC6 reporting tool. We have collated some of the questions firms are asking when thinking about the effect of LPP on DAC6 reporting.

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ebinar invite: DAC6 — The non-legal perspective

Wednesday 25 November, 12:00pm (UK)

How does DAC6 affect banks, investment houses, accounting firms, multinationals and taxpayers?

In our next webinar, VinciWorks' DAC6 experts will offer guidance on what the Directive means for businesses and how corporations with and without in-house legal teams are managing the DAC6 process and reporting.

During the webinar we will answer the following questions:

  • What is DAC6 and how does it apply to different industries?
  • What is a proportionate approach to DAC6?
  • Who is responsible for DAC6 reporting?
  • When should a DAC6 report be made?
  • Do you need to manage your professional advisors' DAC6 reporting?
  • Should staff be trained on DAC6?
  • Do you need a reporting tool?

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