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*NEW* CySEC - Cyprus Investment Firms Advanced Certification


This course is in English. 


The preparation course covers the CySEC Syllabus for the examination but also the Cypriot and European Legal, Regulatory and Compliance framework on the capital markets, preparing participants for the CySEC Examination.

The Advanced Examination concerns individuals who wish to be certified for all the investment services/activities of paragraph 4 of the Directive, including the following:

  • Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more Financial Instruments.
  • Execution of orders on behalf of clients.
  • Dealing on own account.
  • Portfolio Management.
  • Investment Advice.
  • Underwriting and/or placing of financial instrument

Course Advantages 

  • Ensure that candidates possess the necessary knowledge and can apply the appropriate level of knowledge/understanding of the financial services regulatory framework to successfully pass the exam.
  • Provide thorough explanations of CySEC’s Syllabus content as well as practical tips and hints on how to pass the exam.
  • Offer an interactive course and case studies.
  • The training instructors have actually sat the exam and passed the Basic and Advanced Examination with high scores.
  • The training instructor have actual knowledge and experience in the Forex industry.

This course is ideal for: 

  • Current or prospective employees of CIF’s, ASP’s, AIF’s or UCITS who wish to progress their career in the sector;
  • Existing professionals who wish to sit the examination in order to become a Certified Person;
  • Persons who wish to have a career in Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Internal Audit, Risk Management or in a Regulatory/Advisory Firm;
  • Unemployed professionals seeking to enter the sector by obtaining a competitive qualification.

Participants will receive the following:

  • Booklet with all the presentation notes.
  • 1,980 exam questions which are created based on the entire CySEC book.
  • Hints in regards to the key words which are used during the examination.
  • Certificate of Attendance.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Ongoing study support via email, telephone and meetings upon availability.


Course Structure:

The Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) program offered by Infocredit Professional Education aims to equip participants with:

  • An understanding of the Cypriot and European legal and regulatory framework and practice
  • Equip participants with the necessary knowledge in the areas of Money Laundering, Risk Management and Economics

The Certificates offered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) consist of:

  • Basic Financial Services Legal Framework Examination
  • Advanced Financial Services Legal Framework Examination


Cyprus Financial Services Legal Framework Examination (BASIC)

According to the announcement issued by CySEC, “The object of the examination is to ensure candidates can apply a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate for individuals engaged in the reception, transmission and execution of client orders and in the marketing of Collective Investment Schemes.”

Persons providing or performing the investment services of reception and transmission of orders and execution of orders, as well as people who work in a UCITS Management Company or a VCIC that manages UCITS and provide the service of marketing the units must successfully pass the basic examination.

The assessment structure of the Basic Qualification is a 60 minute examination consisting of 50 multiple choice. For detailed Syllabus please click here.


Cyprus Financial Services Legal Framework Examination (ADVANCED) 

According to the announcement issued by CySEC, the aim of the examination is “To provide (I) a test to ensure candidates can apply a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate for individuals engaged in the reception, transmission and execution of client orders and those engaged in the marketing of collective investment schemes and (II) a higher level test for those individuals: dealing on a proprietary basis; managing portfolios; offering investment advice or underwriting financial instruments; and performing the activities of collective portfolio management and risk management for collective investment schemes (either UCITS or AIFs).” For detailed Syllabus please click here.

Exam Fees:

In order to take the examinations, interested individuals are required to pay:

  • €200 to take the Basic Examination
  • €300 to take the Advanced Examination

There are no requirements, all persons are eligible to obtain the certificates.

Registration Procedure:

In order to register for the CySEC exams, you must complete the online application form.  
The form allows candidates to choose the examination and two possible dates on which they wish to take the examination.
Exam Results:
Upon completion of the examination, candidates will be notified immediately whether they have passed and the detailed results of the examination will be sent by email at a later stage.
On receiving this email, successful candidates may register with the Public Register, upon sending a relevant registration application with their contact details to: Applications for registration with the Public Register will be available on the Commission’s website.

This course can be offered in-house, customized to your business needs.



*Infocredit Professional Education division (IPE)  holds the right to postpone or cancell any seminar within a logical time frame near to the start date of the seminar, in the case whereas no adequate number of participants is registered i .e. less than 6 persons and/or in the case that out of the list of registered people are not included at least 4 employed people  ( as per HRDA guidelines). You can access  HRDA guidelines by clicking the link: 


  • Scope, Application and Structure
  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Offences

  • Authorization
  • Conduct of Business Obligations
  • General CIF Obligations
  • SME Growth Markets
  • Regulated Markets
  • Data Reporting Service Providers (DRSPs)

  • Organizational Requirements
  • Specific Requirements
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Provision to Ensure Investor Protection
  • Investment Advice
  • Suitability
  • Best Execution

  • Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS)
  • Obligations of UCIT S
  • UCITS Structures
  • Management Companies 

  • Organization and Operation of AIFs
  • Operational Conditions of AIFMs
  • Organizational Requirements
  • Investors 

  • Ownership and Management
  • Capital
  • Returns and Accounts

  • Special Provisions in Respect of Financial and Other Business Activities
  • The Responsibilities of Financial Organizations

  • Special Provisions in Respect of Financial and Other Business Activities
  • Transparency Requirements
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Derivatives

  • Prudential Regulations, Capital and Own Funds Requirements
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Governance
  • The Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP)
  • The Purpose of the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)

  • European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
  • Capital Requirements
  • Large Exposures and Exposures to Transfer Credit Risk
  • Recovery and Resolution Laws
  • Intra-Group Financial Support
  • Early Intervention
  • Resolution
  • Procedural Obligations 
  • Cross-Border Group Resolution 

  • Purpose and Scope of the Law
  • Requirements and Exemptions
  • Exemptions from the Obligation to Publish a Prospectus
  • Securities Admitted to Trading on a Regulated Market
  • Purpose and Content of the Prospectus

  • Information Reporting Requirements for Issuers
  • Framework of Communication for Issuers and Holders of Securities
  • Shareholder Obligations

  • Inside Information
  • Provisions Relating to Issuers of Financial Instruments
  • Market Manipulation
  • Prevention and Detection of Market Abuse
  • Disseminating Information
  • Administrative Measures and Sanctions




Course dates

Nov 22 - Nov 30, 2019

Class hours

Friday 22/11 17:00 - 20:00 - Semeli Hotel, Saturday 23/11  09:00 - 15:00 - Semeli Hotel, Friday 29/11 17:00 - 20:00 - Semeli Hotel, Saturday 30/11  09:00 - 15:00 - Semeli Hotel


HRDA Approved

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Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)



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Course Instructors

Markos Bota

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Course Locations


  • Semeli Hotel, Petraki Giallourou 10, 1077, Nicosia, Cyprus

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